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2004 DHS HUD, I am so confused. Help!

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I just bought a 2004 DHS with every option available it appears. I haven't drove yet because its getting a tune up. FYI 44K miles. It has the night vision and HUD but question is with the HUD does that also display the speed on the window also? I thought it was part of the HUD but then I saw a video that said it was a hack? Does the HUD only display night vision? I am getting the car serviced and I told then the HUD for MPH was not working? Am I telling a lie haha?

Thanks, new to this but not to Caddy's last one was a 73 Eldo convertable.



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Although the HUD display in current Cadillacs includes MPH and other inputs, the Night Vision HUD appears to focus on the Night Vision information.

Here is the stock photo of the night vision in use:



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