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Ok, My father had brought the escalade 2000 5.7L V8 in to get the A/C fixed, they ended up changing the battery and gutting and changing the A/C etc.. well it looked like a half junk job, just not a clean job, moving on, well I noticed they did not have a battery terminal spacer to make contact with the two positive cables that hook to the batter and so we went and got a spacer because the car would not start, afterwards i put it all on everything was clean and flush, checked all power leads with a voltmeter etc... so he trys to crank it and just a *Click* I had a feeling the starter was out now, after they charged him $2,000 bux to change out the batt and the a/c, anyhow i removed the starter and got someone to bring me to get it tested at the auto shop for him, well it was dead, so i advised him to order a new one, so he got a new one with a lifetime warranty, a reman though. Got home slapped it in and I went to hook up the batt. the starter was trying to engage and i hurried to try to disconnect the battery and got it off before any explosions or whatnot, but I smelt burnt plastic coming from the drivers side and a bit of smoke, close to the fuse box with the relays, only was on there for 10 secs tops, anyhow got back under there noticed that the positive cable that hooks to the starter had a small tooth on it and it had slid over and touched the S terminal creating that short, so just to be sure i brought it back to the shop tested it and it was still good, so i stuck the starter back in and bent the tooth so it fit snug in the groove, double checked everything, mounted the starter and, then hooked up the battery all was calm, batt was fully charged, put the key in and all the dash lights everything worked, so i figured no elec. shorts. Anyhow, I turned the key and it just barely trys to turn, I checked it with a voltmeter on the starter and all that and its getting juice, but every time i turn that key and it trys to slowly start just like one or two slow whiney turns it starts to smell like theres burning plastic close to the underneath the steering and in the other location i mentioned. Anyone got any ideas about what to check or what could be causing it not to engage, could it be the starter relay fuse? Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!

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problem solved, replaced the negative wire and it wasn't getting a proper ground thanks anyhow!

Thank you for reporting back.

That very probably, will help someone else in the future.

Sorry I couldn't of been of help to you.

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