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1993 seville blower motor not working.

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Please Help! The front blower motor on my '93 seville suddenly quit working last saturday while the the car was running. No codes are stored. The dash readout and the vacuum system is working properly. The compressor runs normal. The rear blower works. I followed chart 2 on page 1c-15 of the 1993 Seville/Eldorado service manual. Removed 4 way connector, voltage at pin B was 1.8 V. Continuity at pin C was ok. Disconnected 2 way power module connector, voltage was 13 V. reconected these and disconnected blower motor connector. Voltage at pin A is 1.8 V. Continuity at pin B is ok. Chart then indicates to replace blower. I bought a replacement blower and attached connectors, started car, still no blower. I ran 12 V. directly to the old fan and it started right away.The schematic on page 1c-14 of the manual shows a blower feedback fuse B11. The only B11 in my car is in the trunk, and it says it is RAD (IGN). I checked that fuse and it's ok. I hope somebody out there can help. Thanks

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You probably need a blower control module. It is located in the HVAC housing about 12" from the blower motor.

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