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New struts and shocks installed

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Today my shop installed the Gabriel passive struts and Monroe Max-Air shocks which I obtained from Boston Suspension along with a set their resistors to fool the DIC.

Unfortunately I am still getting a "Service Suspension" message despite having cleared the code C1760 under the RSS header. Does anyone know what this means in layman's terms?

The ride is quite good and I think I made the right choice except that when I parked the car to run the codes I could hear the compressor coming on about every 4 minutes. I am worried that the compressor might burn out before the shop opens in the morning ------ do you agree and if so do you know the quickest way to shut off the compressor ------ is there a fuse in easy reach which controls only this.

Many thanks for your help.


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Your talking about the 1998 STS right? Best way would be to disconnect the negative battery cable. I'd also contact Boston Suspension, somebody on another forum said they credited his account for the resistor not working. He quoted them as saying "It happens from time to time".

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