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CTS Wagon is a Sport Sedan with Couples' Luggage Space

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Cadillac insists there are separate buyers for its SRX crossover and its new CTS sport wagon. I was skeptical because both are five-passenger, cargo-carrying vehicles with all-wheel-drive options. The SRX is taller, while the sport wagon is more carlike.

After a recent week in the wagon, I can see some possible separation.

This wagon is so quiet and smooth rolling that I didn't turn on the radio for three days. After eight-plus hours at work, the silence was replenishing. And it was perplexing that a Cadillac could be this well sound-proofed and not be numb to the touch.

The edgy styling sets the stance and the car delivers like a sport sedan with couple's luggage space. It is a "we" car for parents who are now empty nesters, even if back-seat space is snug. The seat bottoms are short and the center position has no head restraint. For those who need more back-seat space, there is the SRX or Escalade.

Read More: http://www.sanfernandosun.com/sanfernsun/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=5124&Itemid=1


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