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code 32 and air bag warning light

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I have a freind with a 1992 Deville. He had his A/C converted to R134 The shop he took it to replaced his compressor and one high pressure hose. It worked one week then quit cooling. He took it back to the shop they said it was a bad BCM computer shutting the system down. He didn't believe them so he took it to a near by Chevy dealer. They said it wasn't cooling because it had three leaks two at the compressor and one at the new hose and had no refridgerant left in the system. (good workmanship?) They said it did in fact have two bad computers the ECM and the BCM but that wasn't the cause of the A/C not working. They said the computers must be replaced. They wanted $750. I checked the codes and I got a code 32 the two computers not communicating? I went to a self service wrecking yard and pulled one out of a 1991 deville that had been wrecked and had the air bag deployed. I installed the used computers and still get a code 32? The air bag warning light is now also on. I don't think he even really needed the computers because everything but the A/C worked well. Is there something else that can cause this code 32? Also how do you reset the air bag warning light? Thanks for any help. Brian

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