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In respect to BodybyFisher's post for a regional members getting together on the East Coast I have been considering doing something similar here in the MidWest. I think I have a good place to hold it. It would be at the Riverside Casino and Resort in Iowa. (Just South of Iowa City) They have a nice big parking lot with tons of free space. I am also a member of Pennock's Forum for Fieros which as some of you may know love to put the N* in them. I am thinking of calling it something like "Highway Enthusiasts" or something of the like and turning it into a local car show inviting anyone who enjoys their vehicle to show it off a little and meet other locals. Bikes, Trikes, Cars, Trucks, you name it. When it comes down to it, it is really about the machine and the love of the road that brings everyone together. I have spoken to a couple different vendors that have expressed interest in bringing out a tent and a vehicle or two. Of course I'd love to see the parking lot full of Caddys the best though! If I can't get at least some reasonably good feed back from here and Pennock's I'll probably let it go for another time. If it goes well, I'd love to see it grow into an annual thing! I was thinking around the Labor Day weekend...

I was also thinking lil prizes such as raffles for rooms, buffets, free chips for the casino, Tee shirts, Coffee mugs, and other little things for longest drive, most miles on the Odometer, and other things we can think of along the way.

I leave it up to you guys and gals! Whatcha think?

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Nice, I hope this works out, it was a lot of fun to get together with fellow Cadillac lovers, good luck getting this going

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