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I`m new to the bored.

I was just wondering if any of you all ever messed with the Evap. My 2001 Deville with 89000 mi on it has the code P0446, I checked the solenoid it seems to activate when it get`s warm. I was just wondering if there are any suggestions as to how a shade tree country farmer mite be able to run a simple or not so simple a test on the carbon canister or fuel tank and such.The gas cap seems fine.

Ive searched and read about the smoke test, but like everybody else I`m to poor to even be able to afford to pay attention.

I would hate to haft to pull the tank on this thing that sub frame and all kinda scares me.

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Check the canister and all hoses, lines and electrical connections.

Check the vent valve to make sure it is not clogged up.

It is also possible that the canister is clogged up with dust...if you drive in very dusty conditions.

I don't know a whole lot about that particular system.

Hopefully someone else that knows more, will chime in.

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I was also curious if anybody knew how much restriction there would be on the vacuum line running from the sender on the engine to the carbon canister. I know the evap test port says I believe 1 pound on the tag.

I tried my own way of testing it and there is no restriction applying lite pressure in either direction with the line hooked to the canister.

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