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I had the fastchip on my 92 STS with the 4.9L and my impression was that it did both, but I did not get good before/after measurements.

I put an edelbrock muffler on the 92 STS; it had a single transverse muffler; I think what you will want to do is look for a high-flow replacement for the muffler. To shop, examine the configuration and measure the inlets/outlet diameters to within a 1/4"; for example, 2 & 1/4" in, 2 & 1/4" out. Also not if the inlet is center or offset, outlet is center or offset. With that info you can shop online for a 'universal' replacement to get an idea on pricing.

Then chat with a local muffler shop and see what brands they prefer. Try to stay with a high-flow stainless steel solution if within your budget, so that the muffler won't rust.


2016 Cadillac ATS-V gray/black

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Yeah thanks for all the help, I know what im doing with cars im in college for auto, i was just wondering performance and as in cams ect. i just wanna get it to the power range as a northstar engine. im not worried about finding a muffler but i would love to find some headers? I have a all wheel drive talon so its not like i wanna make it super fast. just more get up and go :)i do have some money to play around with. any idea's?

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There was some work that was done with a 5L variant, by a shop called ASG in Indy. You can get a feel for where they were headed on my older info page here:


They measured their engine at 290 hp on an engine dyno, and it would be a direct fit replacement / upgrade.

ASG 5.0 Engine Technical Specifications

The ASG 5.0 System was designed to update the GM W class cars to modern, fuel injected V8 power. It can also be used as a direct, drop-in replacement for the Cadillac 4.9L engine and 4T60-E transmission in cars so equipped.

ASG 5.0 engines begin life as a new GM Goodwrench Cadillac OHV 4.9L V8. This engine was the mainstay for Cadillac from 1991-1994 when it was replaced by the 4.6L DOHC Northstar Engine. The 4.9L OHV V8 is rated at 200 HP at 4100 RPM, and 275 ft-lbs of Torque at 3000 RPM by Cadillac. Cadillac mated the 4.9L OHV V8 with their strongest front-wheel drive automatic transmission of the day -- the Cadillac 4T60-E.

ASG 5.0 Engine Modifications:

* The engine is balanced and blueprinted. This is a process wherein every important tolerance in the engine is optimized to produce maximum power.

* The heads are decked, which helps raise the compression from 9.5:1 to 10.5:1

* Heads are ported and polished

* New, higher performance pistons are used

* New, higher performance fuel injectors are used

* Hardened crank shaft and rods are used

* Cooper retainer ring is embedded into the head to improve head gasket retention under higher compression

* Replacement air box for improved air flow

ASG 5.0 Transmission Modifications:

* A new 4T60-E transmission is used, with valve body and pump modifications to handle the additional power


2016 Cadillac ATS-V gray/black

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