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Texas Town now Battery Powered

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They say everything’s bigger in Texas. Apparently that’s true for batteries, too. Presidio, Texas, recently built a giant sodium sulfur battery that’s powerful enough to provide energy for the entire town. Not only will the battery serve as a back-up source of power, other utilities can use similar batteries to store energy generated by renewables.

BOB, short for “Big-Old Battery,” began charging up this week. The giant sodium sulfur powerhouse, which is literally the size of a house, can store four megawatts of power for up to eight hours. Before BOB came online, a single, 60-year-old transmission line was the only thing connecting Presidio to the grid. The town frequently experienced power outages. BOB serves as a much-needed back-up plan, and it holds enough power to generate electricity for the whole town.

Read More: http://www.inhabitat.com/2010/04/06/bob-americas-biggest-sodium-sulfur-battery-powers-a-texas-town/


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