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Anco windshield wiper Rebate

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I ordered replacement windshield wipers off Amazon. For the 2005 CTS Rockauto.com suggests the driver's side is 22 inches and the passenger side is 21 inches. I might normally order from Rockauto.com, but in this case Amazon has a better price because we keep Amazon Prime which brings free shipping.

At Amazon, the 21" Anco 3121 wiper was $6.53 and the 22" Anco 3122 wiper was $5.50, which seems swapped but is the way they happen to be priced today for whatever Amazon/Anco logic.

Federal Mogul makes the Anco Wipers, and is offering $5 rebate here:


So round trip with free shipping the total after rebate should be $7.


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