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1996 Deville Transmission wiring harness question

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One last note to inform all of how my caddy runs. I am now in El Paso, TX. Getting here I went through 110deg heat with the A/C on. It is getting 25 mpg! Hasn't used a drop of tranny fluid.

One additional note. At the beginning of the trip going from Seattle to Corte Madera, CA it used a full quart of oil.

On the next leg of the trip I floored it (wot) a couple times up to 90mph from a 15mph on ramp.

Since I did that it hasn't used any oil.

I heard this works but I was and still am a bit of a non-believer even though it seems to have worked for me.

Anyway, I love the car. Best car I've had. I'm glad I did the work to it. There is more left to do.

Thanks all for your input.


Mine has 84,000 on it right now...

It has had frequent WOT applications from day 1 when I bought it.... :D

It has "NEVER" used any oil.

I think it works.. :D

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