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Smoke coming from behind steering wheel?


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I was sitting in trafic, not going anywhere, and I noticed a litttle puff of smoke coming out of the steering wheel (actually behind the steering wheel). My wife is worried that the car is going to catch on fire. It stopped when we started moving again. This has happened a few times now. Where is the smoke coming from? Should I take it in to have it looked at? Are wires melting in the column? It kind of smells like burnt grease, not melting wires.

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That's exactly what it was - burned grease off the switch contacts. It will go away by itself - no need to worry about it.

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It happens just about everytime I sit at idle for more than a few minutes. This is not a one time thing. It has happened about ten to fifteen times over the last year. Never when the car is in park, only when I have it in gear but not moving. Like sitting in the drive through bank window or drive through fast food line or stuck in stop and go traffic.

Is this still grease on the contacts? How does it keep coming back?

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