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Crank Sensors


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I've been driving for 62 years and I never heard of a crank sensor until I bought this car.

They were replaced because the car was stalling, mostly when pulling away from a corner, at about 37k.

I just had them replaced again today at 76k miles because the car just stopped while I was driving along about 55 and also because the car would start but not keep running unless I gave it some gas.

Is this a common problem with the Northstar. Never happened in 193k miles with my "93 STS.

Fortunately, I have the extended warranty.

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As has been noted by Mr. Bobynski, the 2000+ Northstar crank sensors incorporated a new technology. The sensors have undergone several upgrades over the years, so installing a recently-manufactured part is important. Also, the PCM calibration was modified to be more sensitive to this specific mode of failure.


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I may be into crank sensors again. Been getting a strange misfire the last couple of days....its only happened twice.

First time I had a PO300 with flashing cat con damage service engine lamp.

Second time....hard miss....no flashing lamp.... but both times it cleared up after 45 seconds or so.

Both times were after the car was driven...parked for a couple of minutes...then restarted.

Maybe a bad FPR...dont know yet. I am going to look in the morning....check the FPR and put the Tech2 on it..

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