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Gas door opens upon start???


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LOL!! Not that I know of, but it sure is funny :> I can't even imagine what could be causing that except maybe a faulty switch and every time you jolt some electricity it bridges it for a second? maybe..

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A couple of times, when I am cranking the car, the gas door will open for some odd reason...is this common???

do you have related button on your remote? perhaps you pressed it accidentally.

otherwise it's a bad sign... gas prices will go up :lol:

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This is a new one I think! Its not often that the car actully asks for fuel...


The gas cap "might move" a tiny bit when cranking when the electric fuel pump starts. If the latch mechanism is fragile and barely latched - perhaps it is affected by a jiggle of the gas cap. Therefore, maybe the gas cap is bad in some manner. This should be cheap to test with a new gas cap and it might also address the mileage problem (17 in city is very possible, but only 17 highway is way too low[unless you average 93.2 mph]).

The problem with this scenario - is that if the latch is that fragile, then it would pop open often going over bumps etc.


Like BigFoo noted there could be some weird electrical interferance going on. Are there any other electrical anomalies?

I would assume that the lid is released by a small electrical solenoid (an electrified coil pulls in a steel pin against a sping, etc). However, this kind of solenoid should normally be latched by the spring power - when power is off (to not to waste power to hold the lid-latch closed). If that is the case (normally latched), then it would have to get some power via a shorted switch or relay somewhere during starting (very odd). I don't think that enough power could be "induced" (wires alongside another in such away to transfer power via their respective flux fields - rough explanation) with a 12-vdc system to a coil.

Unfortunately for you, this may be an interesting post to follow for a bit. Please let us know what it was when you find out.


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Figured it out tonight - two weeks of battery getting drained by this and now I'm embarrassed to say what it was. I went down tonight to get the diagnostic codes and was messing with the fuel release button and it was jamming by pushing to the right against the trunk key.

I've hit that thing at least ten times but with out pushing it back to the left it was stuck pretty good. Maybe this will help somebody else out.

I saw this on another Cadillac Forum

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I get 17.5 average...I am not sure if you are familiar with the New York Metro area, but it takes me 45 minutes to get to my office (about 10 miles from my house). Highway I get about 22-24.

Once in a while, cranking the car is difficult...almost doesnt crank (is this a starter problem too??) then I hear a noise, and that noise is the gas door popping open. It never releases over bumps, driveways, etc.

Hey if this is the worst thing that is wrong with the car, I really have nothing to complain about, but it would be nice to fix!

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