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NEED TO SELL Diesel Generator Set

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I desperately need to sell this huge 100kw diesel generator set that I was using for my business. It's burning a massive hole in my pocket. Does anyone know of a place to sell it or would anyone here be interested in it? It's 100kw, single phase..

built in late 2002

100kw 120/240 single phase wired, telco rated

engine- perkins 1006-6T 161hp (isochronous governed - barber coleman) standy rated

generator- marathon electric magnaplus 100kw standy rated at 105 degrees C

critical grade silencer

digital controller - basler dgc1000

two mainline circuit breakers - ABB

165 gallon sub-base fuel tank

circulation heat for cold weather starting

on steel framerail with vibration mounts

engine with radiator, complete unit

transfer switches - thompson technology 200 amp, 2 pole , 240V, service entrance rated

professionally maintained with service records

installed by certified ohio electrical contractor which is available to remove and install generator set or answer any questions (www.jetelectric.com)

currently installed and operating - will demonstrate

automatic louver motor (to open and close air intake)

it basically has everything from exhaust to transfer switches. My cost about 36k$.. trying to get at least 22 for it :/


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Three phase might be easier to sell. I see your equipment as an option for certain critical offices or medical testing facilities. With the new Homeland Security directives and available grant money, you should be able to move it soon. Just be patient and advertise in the right places.

Never underestimate the amount of a persons greed.

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