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Strong reflexion on side view Mirrors

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I own a 2008 SRX which I loved from day 1. It only has 6k on it and is loaded to include the wonderful Northstar power plant. Like any car there is always something was better engineered or done different but I have a few that I do not understand. 1. The most troubling one is that I am getting a strong sun reflexion from the inside dash side vents. I live in Arizona so we have sun 95% of the time and the reflexion is really severe during most parts of the day. Now one learns to kind of look through it to see the traffic but it is distracting. The dealer said they were aware of it but there was nothing that could be done it was just the way it was engineered. Maybe they were Seattle when they engineered and tested the car but it had to be evident to the engineers about the problem. The dealer tried using some tinting on the glass or side view mirrors but that did not help. I having an engineering background but not in this area cannot imagine away around the problem. If any of you had the problem and solved it I would love to know the answer other than painting the chromed vent edges black or something like that. 2. This is not a big item but I live in a gated community and while it is easy to program the garage door for use with the system in the vehicle the main security gate just cannot seemed to be done. I tried everything I knew and what was explained in the book. The HOA does not have learning buttons on the gates so the only other thing to try was copy their dip switch setting on the master remote that the HOA uses to program all of the remotes in the complex. That was suppose to work but did not. I called the company who manufactured the units for GM and they said, for the most part, they were sorry. I had a Jeep Grand Cherokee that I had before the Caddy and it was an easy process using the remote as the learning device but no deal on the GM product. The fellow at the company said this has better security. So now I will have to go buy a $50 remote to clip to the sun visor. It is not the money but it seems strange. Again if anyone knows of any work around I would be thankful.

Other than that it is great to get back to Caddy. I had 3 of them and loved them all and with this Northstar I know this absolutely will be no exception. We are planning a 5000 mile trip this late spring to 9 National Parks and a lot of the driving will be done at 7000 to 10000 feet. We took the car out today on some mountain roads up to Flagstaff which is at about 7000 ft and did all types of driving from the Phoenix area and back. Shocked to see with all those steep climbs and 75 mph highways I still averaged 19.7 mpg. No it is not a Prius for gas mileage but the ride, safety, and great looks sure make up for it! Adios all.

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I am sorry I can't help you solve the reflection problem.

I am in Texas, and we have a lot of bright sun also.

I drove a 2008 SRX loaner for a couple of days, about a year ago...when I had my DTS in the shop.

I had the exact same problem with reflections... especially on the passengers side mirror.

You are right... it is very annoying.

Again... I am sorry to be of no help...but at least you know you are not alone.

:D :D

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I popped the vents off of my black dash and after cleaning them with Gun wash, I sprayed them with SEM Classic Coat Very Dark Grey, Part number 17213. Took about 30 minutes to do both sides. 

It solved the problem for me.

The vents just pry up, but take care as they are fragile ...



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