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my a/c stopped working........


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my a/c stopped blowing cold air the other week....No A/C codes or anything showed up. It still blows air through the vents just not cold. I'm assuming that the compressor is good cuase it kicks in when i was checking its fuse. I also took it to get it looked at and they told me that the compressor wasn't compressing. I called a local shop here in town and they told me $1,000 to fix the compressor...I really want to find out what it really is before i take it and pay that much to get it fixed..... oh and i have a 98 black on black deville d'elegance with 74k

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The following is certainly not a substitute for a logic flow sheet in almost any service manual. But, since you have no other responses...

If there was not enough refrigerant (due to a leak), then the compressor should not engage (and there should be a code). Are you certain it actually kicks in when the A/C setpoint is lowered from very high to very low?

When the A/C setpoint is at 60F and the Compressor engages - does the larger pipe (the suction) to the compressor get so cold that you can not hold your hand on it ?

1. If it does get really cold, then an "air mix door" might be malfunctioning. There is a feedback position readout-code, to determine if it is moving properly relative to its setpoint. Look this up in the archives.

2. If it does not get cold, then - it might not be compressing (sorry).

Did you check this site's archives on A/C in general?

Hope that KHE takes pity on you... ;)

Good Luck :)

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I agree with TDK - additional troubleshooting needs to occurr before the compressor is replaced.

Feel the accumulator (large aluminum can mounted next to the cooling system surge tank to see if it's cold to the touch. If so, (and there are no codes set for low refrigerant) the compressor is operating properly.

What were the high and low pressure readings that the shop used to come to the conclusion that the compressor wasn't "compressing"? That data will immediately indicate if the compressor is operating properly. Ask the shop about this and if they can't provide that data or act like they don't understand what you're talking about, find another shop....

Does the compressor cycle when the engine is idles at 1500 RPM? If so, and there are no codes set, I would start looking at the mixer door actuator servo under the dash.

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