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Stuck Waterpump

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Bought a new waterpump (4.0 Aurora) and the tool to change it, but it is stuck. I turned it clockwise and tapped with a hammer. Now my new tool has the corners all busted off and my pump has not moved, and I really don't want to remove the housing...Sugestions?


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Sounds like the waterpump is corroded to the housing. If you have access to an air compressor and impact wrench the pump will come right out even with the cheapie Lisle brand tool.

Other options: You can buy the snap-on tool which is a heavy duty tool but is expensive - $70 or Bruce Nunnally will rent you his snap-on socket for $20.

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Clockwise to remove, counterclockwise to install... I think you already know this.

Also, remember that the waterpump doesn't rotate too far before the tabs will disengage. Only about one-half inch or so. Did it already rotate that much?

Mine was also quite tough to rotate. I thought I was going to break something, putting so much torque on it. (2.5 feet pipe slipped over a breaker bar)

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