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I was just cleaning the engine compartment and I came across something that kinda' got me to thinking. Ya' see, I had always thought the CAMSHAFT drive belts were chains as opposed to serpentine belts.

On my car, a 2001 STS, on the left front side of the engine (drivers side) just to the right of the cylinder head/valve cover is a small black cover with a pulley underneath it. And to my surprise it had a small serpentine belt on it as opposed to chains that I had seen in the past.

Am I looking at something else?


Jim White

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The chains are inside the covers and they are on the other side of the engine IIRC.. The serpentine belt is to drive the water pump , which runs off of the camshaft instead of off of the accessory belt. You can't see the chains. I had a link to a cut away look at the engine but I can't find it now..

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