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Removing oil pan on 99 Seville

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I have a leaking oil pan and i want to know if there is anyway to remove it without removing the transmission. Alldata said that the first step is removing the transmission. If anyone could give me a suggestion or direction I can go in because I won't be able to take the transmission out.

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The trans needs to come out in order to remove the crossover pipe, and the oil pan can't come off with the crossover pipe in place. There's a good chance that your case half seal is leaking too. It's the seam that's a couple inches above the oil pan. To do the job right the engine should be removed from the car. Here's some pictures of the whole process: http://rides.webshots.com/album/573977369awUtwy


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Either the transmission needs to be removed and the oil pan gasket replaced with the engine in the car or the engine needs to come out of the car. The shop manual states to remove the trans. if there is no other work to be done.

The leak is probably the oil manifold plate that is inbetween the oil pan and the lower crankcase half. It is only 1/8" thick but has numerous oil passages and silicone seals. It is easy to miss and since it is right on top of the oil pan, a leak there will look like it is coming from the oil pan. The oil manifold plate is retained by the main bearing bolts so you will need a torque angle meter and the proper torque specs/sequence for reassembly. Fel-pro sells an oil manifold for around $75.00. Use a Fel-pro oil pan gasket and the GM Epoxy-RTV sealer for the oil pan gasket to assure a leak free joint.

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