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The CTS is more than worthy of the premium wagon shopper’s attention.

The American Wagon is back… sort of

In more ways than one, offering the CTS in wagon form is a bold move on Cadillac's part. Wagons are a dying breed, and Cadillac’s is currently the only one in the American wagon scene.

It’s not a model that’ll likely fly in high quantities from dealer lots, though the CTS4 Sport Wagon is undoubtedly important as a competitive statement. It may also serve as a transitional vehicle for those on their way up to an SUV, or on their way down to a coupe or convertible. That said, a CTS coupe is planned for launch this spring, and a convertible can’t be too far behind it.

End of the day, the CTS is more than worthy of the premium wagon shopper’s attention. It’s got machines like the A4 Avant and its European buddies right in its xenon-illuminated sights.

Read More: http://www.auto123.com/en/cadillac/cts-sport-wagon/2010/review?utm_campaign=jpritchard&utm_medium=social-media&carid=1101000709&artid=115849&utm_source=twitter.com


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