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Review: Smooth and supercharged

Bruce Nunnally

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I was amused when I first noticed the 200-mph speedometer in the CTS-V but agreed it could be possible after a couple of thrill rides in the low-slung sedan. Cadillac puts the top speed at 191 mph, with a 3.9-second zero-to-60 time. A smart 22-year-old car fanatic with a laptop plugged into the onboard computer, reprogramming the engine controller, could no doubt push it to 200.

My CTS-V test model had the six-speed automatic transmission, which I doubt sacrificed much in performance compared with the six-speed manual. Ultra-powerful cars with manual shifters can be tough to drive smoothly.

Average mileage for my week in the CTS-V was 18.5 mpg on premium fuel, and that was almost all highway driving. Included in the CTS-V's $61,500 to $70,000 price is a $1,300 federal gas-guzzler tax.

Under way, the CTS-V feels secure and planted on the pavement, a bit heavier-feeling than the regular CTS sedan, which has a lighter V-6 engine. Wheels, tires, brakes and suspension were improved to match the CTS-V's capability. A guy can't drive safely in just any old seat, but the optional leather and suede Recaro front seats in my test CTS-V were among the best I've used, ever.

Read More: http://www.statesman.com/life/cars/smooth-and-supercharged-233890.html


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