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Chevy Approaches 100 Percent Reliability in Engines and Transmissions

Bruce Nunnally

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DETROIT – In the month of January, 99.3 percent of the 1.8 million Chevrolet vehicles enrolled in OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics reported that there were no issues with the key components of their engine and transmission systems. The Chevrolet Malibu’s engine and transmission systems reported no issues in 99.7% of the vehicles checked by OnStar. These are aggregate numbers of vehicles showing “green” status in their OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics e-mail.

For Chevrolet General Manager Jim Campbell, this data illustrates the peace of mind Chevrolet and OnStar offer customers:

“At Chevrolet, we have significantly reduced customer warranty claims over the past few years, as we continually strive to make the most dependable cars and trucks on the road. A key part of that success is OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics, which helps Chevrolet and our customers keep vehicles in top running condition.”

OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics automatically reports the status of hundreds of diagnostic checks performed on key vehicle operating systems.

The results are sent via e-mail to the vehicle owner each month, with red, yellow and green icons indicating the operating status of their vehicle. The e-mail report also provides maintenance reminders based on the vehicle’s current odometer reading, remaining engine oil-life and other relevant vehicle ownership and OnStar subscription information.

Since the program began in 2006, OnStar has sent a total of 122 million vehicle reports to subscribers. This represents tens of millions of data points engineering teams utilize to constantly improve the quality of Chevrolet cars and trucks. In addition, these reports provide a convenient way for individuals to monitor the health of the key systems in their vehicle.

“These monthly reports offer assurance to customers that their vehicle’s key systems are in good working order,” says Tony DiSalle, Vice President of OnStar Sales, Service and Marketing. “In addition, these reports help customers to monitor their preventative maintenance needs – and to avoid the cost and inconvenience of unnecessary repairs.”

For Chevrolet owners, the OnStar Vehicle Diagnostic reports in January found:

* 11.3 percent of vehicles were due for an oil change, which can impact both fuel economy and engine life.

* 35.8 percent of vehicles had at least one tire outside of the recommended range for tire pressure, which can impact both fuel economy and vehicle handling.

* 3.7 percent of vehicles reported the need for their first tire rotation, which prevents irregular wear and premature tire replacement.


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