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DTC p0118


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Just finished rebuilding the engine in my 97 Eldorado and I am getting a p0118 code. The xlation of it is engine coollant temperture sensor 1 circuit high input.

I'm thinking I either forgot to plug it in or I have a bad ground, according to Helms and there is a test schedule for it so I'm not concerned with fixing it. When I clear the code the engine revs and sometime stalls and the light returns immediatly.

According to helms this ECT sensor is located on the odd side head on the tranny side above a ground wire. I do not remember a sensor located there. There is a sensor located under the manifold that is never made mention of in the Hlems manual that is in the same wire harness with the starter.

Can anyone direct me to the correct location of the ECT on a 97 eldo northstar?

Thank you,


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Its on the cylinder head....firewall side....trans end of the cylinder head.....really low on the head....almost below the brake booster.

Its there...

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