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CTS Sport Wagon: Just so darn likable

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DETROIT — Henry Ford II is quoted on why he fired Ford Motor President Lee Iacocca in 1978 as: "Sometimes you just don't like somebody."

Well, it works the other way, too, and not just on people. Sometimes you just like a car.

In that case, its limitations — all cars have them — fade because the car looks good, feels right, goes with élan.

So it is with the Cadillac CTS sport wagon. It's new to the CTS line for 2010. It is nearly identical to the CTS sedan mechanically. The body panels from the rear door forward are the same. The big visual difference is the sport wagon's raised roof and its rear end.

Short take: It sliced through 520 stormy highway miles from here to Virginia after the auto show without discomfort, hassle or even the driver's normal geez-aren't-we-there-yet squirming.

Once home, it made every suburban, cold-weather, short-hop, kid-schlepping, job-going task seem like a special occasion.

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