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Bloomberg: CTS Sport Wagon Review

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Jan. 21 (Bloomberg) -- While owning a station wagon was once the equivalent of birth control -- you could forget about scoring a date, ever -- modern-day equivalents are becoming cool.

These days, in an effort to lure buyers of sport utility vehicles, they’re called sport wagons. And so the persuasion begins.

Take the new CTS Sport Wagon from Cadillac. It’s got five doors and buckets of room just like the dweeb mobiles of yore, but pricing starts at a luxury-minded $39,000 and there’s no mistaking its air of masculinity. This is a dude mobile.

Also, it’s from an American carmaker. In Europe, where gasoline is expensive and roads slender, wagons have long been a staple. And while European models, like the Mercedes E-Class wagon and five-door Audis and BMWs, are exported to the U.S., the attempt feels half-hearted.

Read more: http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206...id=auSn7MPOe86g


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Sadly the CTS Sport Wagon, which is a darn fine car, will prove to be one of the biggest mistakes that "new" Cadillac has ever made...

As the author put it:

"The last really cool American offering was the Dodge Magnum, an offshoot of the Chrysler 300 with a bullet shape not unlike a hearse from Hell. I loved it"

Ya, and the sales of that car amounted to nothing and it was on its way out less then four years after its birth. I will be surprised if the CTS SportWagon lasts that long. And why no manual in your "Sport Wagon" If this car is targeted at buyers who think "football" is a game where only the goalie can use his hands... why no stick?

Cool car, wrong market, zero sales, big mistake.


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Maybe. I was surprised in one article that they only plan to sell like 300 a month or something, so it doesn't have to be "all that" to be on plan. I disagree with you in that I think there is a good market for this vehicle but we'll have to see how sales go.


2016 Cadillac ATS-V gray/black

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