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Hi all, SWMBO has complained about the brightness of the headlights on the standard BLS bulbs. So I thought I would upgrade them with "Osram Nightbreaker" bulbs. However I cant find out what type to order as the major bulb suppliers on Google say the car does not exist(!!). If anyone has updated their lights I would be grateful for any suggestions.


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I have see people post compliments on the Sylvania Silverstar aftermarket bulb replacements

Here is a link for Amazon for H7s: http://www.amazon.com/Sylvania-H7-SU-BP-TWIN/dp/B0012ETPUE

The reader reviews there suggest they have a limited lifetime before replacement.



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Thanks Bruce, I did little digging, as the Ultra's dont seem to be sold in the UK. For EU reg 37 bulbs the Standard H7, 55w, bulbs have a rating of

1500 lumens, 500 hours life.(about)

But for other bulbs as far as I can tell:

1508 lumens, 250 hours life Osram Cool Blue

1780 lumens, 340 hours life for the Osram Night Breaker

1750 lumens, 350 hours life for the Osram Silverstar

1620 lumens, 340 hours life for Philips X-treme Power H7

Osram is the parent company of Sylvania but Sylvania Silverstars (blue glass) and Osram Silverstars (clear glass) are not the same product according to danielsternlighting.com

The poor lifetime for the Coolblue and Sylvania Silverstars is because the filaments have to be overdriven to get the rated light output.

I'm going to try some Night Breakers - unless any suggests anything different.


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