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STS's towing capacity?

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Could someone share the towing capacity of our STSs?

Our Family was thinking of purchasing a camping trailer (on the smaller side), to replace our aging motorhome. The STS would be the workhorse, presumably, to pull the trailer, relative to our 97 Aurora.

Is this a good idea? My dad had a 94 SSEi Bonneville that had a transmission go, due to pulling a camping pop-up trailer. His previous 91 Olds. Cutlass, with the 3.1, pulled the same trailer, through the same New England mountains, and never complained.

The thought of trans. replacement on the N* is a frightening threat to the wallet!

Please advise!

" ...'took my Cobra down t' the track, hitched to the back o' my Cadillac..."

- Jan & Dean, 'hey little cobra'


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Unless it is a light pop-up I doubt if you will be able to pull a camping trailer. Wind resistance would be a big factor that would cause a lot of stress on the transmission. Even if the trailer were light enough, when you pack it to the brim it would probably put it over the limit. The days of pulling the old horse trailer with the Caddy convertible are over. Be safe and buy a truck or van. I thought about pulling a 5"x8" enclosed trailer with my 94 Concours, but I was shocked back to reallity by this board. Good Luck.

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Maybe it was the toungue weight was max 1000.. I'd have to go pull my manual again heh.. But ysa it's about resistance not really the weight on the road.. you could probably pull 6000 lbs as long as u started out very slow and kept it in 2nd geat and only went 40 mph :)

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