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I have added an RSS stream from Burn Out Radio to the Competitors: others subforum http://caddyinfo.ipbhost.com/index.php?showforum=80

(This means that when they post their weekly podcast a link will appear in that subforum here)

Burnout Radio is Co-hosted by Charlie Brumfield and Nick Malone and is the primary podcast at Performance Radio Network. We take a light hearted look at the auto industry and we tend to spend more time off topic than on thanks to Charlie’s A.D.D. and Nick’s obsession with the Dodge Challenger. We share our opinions about our latest test drives and spend a fair amount of time ripping on one another. So if you like a good laugh and are as addicted to cars as we are then you’ll definatly digg this cast.

Burnout Radio got started mid 2008 when we contrived a scheme to get to test drive a bunch of cars for free. That scheme was the Burnout Radio podcast where we do nothing but test drive cars, review products and go to as many car shows as humanly possibly. Then once a week, we sit down and tell you guys about whats new in the automotive industry, and fill you in on our weekly shinanagans.

Be sure to listen to their CTS-V episode:



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