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2010 Lincoln MKT Review

Bruce Nunnally

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2010-Lincoln-MKT-Media-Drive-018-300x201Picture this… You adjust the temprature down a few degrees, turn on your seat ventilation and ask your chauffeur to open the panoramic roof so you can enjoy the beautiful Southern California sun. Then you sip your artisan spring water that’s been kept chilled by the built in refrigerator to quench that parched throat. How do the peasant folk survive? Now sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery along Pacific Coast Highway… that is currently flying by at 80+ miles an hour.

2010-Lincoln-MKT-Media-Drive-019-300x201That’s exactly how my trip to San Jose went this past summer. You see my chauffeur for the afternoon was none other than Jack Baruth, vetran of the CTS-V Challenge, author of Avoidable Contact, and professional racing driver extraordinaire. We’re not in just any luxury cruiser either. No, we are in the 2010 Lincoln MKT equipped with the 3.6L EcoBoost and All Wheel Drive, which makes this quite possibly the fastest station wagon ever manufactured in the United States. It’s fast enough to keep pace with a very distraught BMW 6 Series up ahead who’s driver is quite frustrated with the fact he can’t shake this 5000lbs station wagon off his tail, not even in the twisty bits. Yes it seems the designers and engineers at Lincoln have reinvented that quintessential “Hot Rod Lincoln”.

As we’re winding down the Pacific Coast Highway out in California, I can’t help but wonder if this is the start of a revolution in America. For years we have had to sacrifice luxury for performance or vice versa. You couldn’t have both. You could either have a pillowy soft suspension devoid of any feedback or you could have a wonderful kidney jarring experience every time you stepped in to your underpowered v8 “muscle” car that got *smurf* for gas mileage. Not anymore. With Ford’s new EcoBoost technology you can have your cake and eat it to.


We’re talking V8 power (355hp.) in a Twin Turbo V6 with the flattest torque curve I’ve ever seen (350lbs.-ft. @ 1500 – 5700 rpm). Add to that All Wheel Drive, and a luxurious interior and now you’re pushing the right buttons.

However there are a couple of things I find a bit lacking with all of Ford’s new EcoBoost hod rods. First is the suspension. It could be a bit more planted. In it’s current form it gives a wonderful ride, but in the twisty bits it does not inspire confidence. Second is the Breaks. There is no way to tip toe around this… they suck. Not just in the MKT but in the MKS and the Taurus SHO as well. They are adequate for daily driving, but if you are as predisposed to “spirited driving” as we are (this show is called Burnout Radio after all isn’t it?) then the breaks fade pretty quickly and they just aren’t big enough to stop 4000 to 5000 lbs. vehicles with 350+ hp. So Ford / Lincoln listen up because apparently you missed the memo, $40,000+ “performance” vehicles get break upgrades these days. And my last complaint is fuel mileage. There is no Eco in EcoBoost so far. Don’t get me wrong I love the 3.5L EcoBoost. It is my current favorite motor. 22 miles per gallon just ain’t going to cut it for anything named EcoBoost. Yes I understand this is a 350hp motor powering a 5000lbs. station wagon, but it gets practically the same fuel mileage in the MKS and the SHO.

Even with the set back in suspension, breaking, and fuel economy, the MKT is still one of the best cars in it’s class. It has iconic styling thanks to its bow wave grill, curving shoulder line, and it’s delightfully weird rear end.


Even with the set back in suspension, breaking, and fuel economy, the MKT is still one of the best cars in it’s class. It has iconic styling thanks to its bow wave grill, curving shoulder line, and it’s delightfully weird rear end. Lincoln has also updated their color palate to include colors like Tuxeo Black and Metallic Cinnamon. Mmmmm tasty.


I’d never thought I’d say this but I’m in love with a Lincoln, and it’s a station wagon to boot.  Somehow it just doesn’t seem right. A superpower twin turbo v6 in a giant station wagon / suv thing with a luxury interior and it’s been styled by designers not accountants. Congratulations Lincoln you making good cars again. Now I just have to come to grips with my new love affair.

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