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2010 Corvette Grand Sport Video Review

Bruce Nunnally

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CorvetteGrandSport_0011-300x201.jpgWhy do I keep hearing heavenly angel music every time I say Corvette Grand Sport. Oh, that’s right, because only God could have made a car this awesome! Yes, we at Burnout Radio land have finally got our review video of the 2010 Corvette Grand Sport up for viewing. Gotta say, we’ve tested a lot of cars, but this one has become a favorite.

[show as slideshow] [View with PicLens] thumbs_corvettegrandsport_001.jpg thumbs_corvettegrandsport_003.jpg thumbs_corvettegrandsport_004.jpg thumbs_corvettegrandsport_005.jpg thumbs_corvettegrandsport_006.jpg thumbs_corvettegrandsport_007.jpg thumbs_corvettegrandsport_008.jpg thumbs_corvettegrandsport_010.jpg thumbs_corvettegrandsport_011.jpg thumbs_corvettegrandsport_012.jpg thumbs_corvettegrandsport_013.jpg thumbs_corvettegrandsport_014.jpg thumbs_corvettegrandsport_015.jpg thumbs_corvettegrandsport_016.jpg thumbs_corvettegrandsport_017.jpg thumbs_corvettegrandsport_001_0.jpg thumbs_corvettegrandsport_003_0.jpg thumbs_corvettegrandsport_004_0.jpg thumbs_corvettegrandsport_005_0.jpg thumbs_corvettegrandsport_006_0.jpg 12

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