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The first funeral car that Robison owned was a 1974 Cadillac from Cheyenne, Wyo. The oldest car now in his collection is a 1965 model, and his newest hearse was built in 1976.

His 1965 Cadillac “supreme royal combination” is painted Hampton blue and served as both an ambulance and hearse back in the day. Because he uses antique license plates on his hearses, he’s not required to add modern safety features such as seat belts.

Some of the “new features” on his 1965 vintage model include: shaded and tinted windshield, top grain genuine leather seats, heater and defroster, Turbo Hydra-Matic transmission, power steering and brakes, chrome wheel disks, outside rear view mirror, 8-ply tubeless tires, arm rests on the front doors, and a dual sun visor.

Read More: http://www.commercial-news.com/local/local..._002200406.html


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