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And that brings us to the final point. Even with the negatives we pointed out this is a car that we were sad to see go. It’s nice to see Cadillac have solid execution on this car. Sadly many of the people coming into the show room will walk right past the Wagon and jump right into the SRX Crossover without trying the Wagon. 90% of the people that buy the SRX would be just as well served in the Wagon while enjoying better fuel mileage, and a better driving experience, but, most of those same people care little about the driving experience or what servers them best, just what they think they should be scene in. Our first impressions of the car weren’t the ones we left with and that’s a huge positive for Cadillac. This CTS Wagon is a car that will provide enjoyment for those smart enough and brave enough to buy it with years of happiness.


2023 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing

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