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QA Graphics Develops Virtual Showroom for Vogue Tyre

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The new site does seem very nice. I like that they have a Cadillac CTS right there on the main page, and it is very easy to select various options and immediately see the result and combination of results.

QA Graphics helped Vogue Tyre launch EnTyre 360°, an interactive experience that lets customers virtually modify their vehicle to see exactly how custom accessories like tires and wheels will look on their car before purchasing.

Ankeny, IA, December 20, 2009 --(PR.com)-- QA Graphics, an innovative computer graphic development company, announces the development of an online shopping experience for Vogue Tyre and Rubber Company, taking the auto parts aftermarket to a new level.

QA Graphics recently helped Vogue Tyre launch EnTyre 360°, an online tool for the car parts aftermarket. EnTyre 360° is an interactive experience that lets customers virtually modify their vehicle to see exactly how custom accessories like tires and wheels will look on their car before purchasing.

This cutting-edge application can be found on Vogue Tyre’s website, http://www.voguetyre.com/3d/index.php, where visitors can see their vehicle in 3D. The online tool can be used to customize their vehicle, choosing from true factory colors, wheels, grilles, tires and a body kit. Viewers can choose from the top-selling accessories available, with the selections shown almost instantly in a full 360-degree view to see the updates from every angle. Currently, EnTyre 360° has two models on display ― the Cadillac CTS and Lexus RX350. QA Graphics will continue to work with Vogue Tyre to roll out additional models in 2010.

“EnTyre 360° has been very well received by our visitors to Vogue’s website,” said Ken Brockway, director of Vogue Tyre marketing. “This software was designed exclusively for us and brings a whole new perspective to customizing vehicles.”

For almost 100 years, Vogue Tyre has catered to automotive owners, offering high-end custom tires, wheels, and accessories for the most discerning customers, including celebrities and professional athletes. As an industry leader in aftermarket vehicle customization, Vogue Tyre continues to take the customer experience to the next level with EnTyre 360°. This virtual tool offers an experience unparalleled to others in the market.

“We found that our customers needed a way to visualize what their car would look like with Vogue tires, wheels and grilles,” said Brockway. “We wanted a program that was easy to use for our customers that would enhance the reality of the vehicle. The 360-degree viewer takes the guessing work out of purchasing the perfect product for your car.”

QA Graphics developed this virtual configurator specifically for Vogue Tyre. The company’s virtual solutions can be applied to any product or service, allowing viewers to see a product in a realistic 3D and 360-degree view and change the size, colors or accessories to see exactly how the end result will look before purchasing.

“This interactive solution is new to the auto industry and we expect it will be well-received. Creating EnTyre 360° for Vogue Tyre provides their customers a solution that makes the shopping process easier,” said Dan McCarty, president of QA Graphics. “Seeing exactly how your car will look before buying the custom parts helps you make confident purchasing decisions.”


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