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Bruce Nunnally

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We have been debating for several days, if we should express an opinion on GM. Its been a favorite subject of numerous pundits, analysts, news media, and everyone else.

Read More: http://stradaautostore.squarespace.com/dia...ghts-on-gm.html

In 2010 if you don't know how to sell the product, create customers, and make money you are not a car guy.

Could it be that the message from the Board of Directors is for the "real GM car guys" to step up to the plate, and start batting to sell product, and create customers. Its encouraging, and timely that GM recognised some "car gals" in the new leadership.

The real car guys/gals at GM need to understand that a manufacturer needs to put skin in the game to move iron, for some reason GM is not prepared to put skin in the game.


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