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fan sounding noise when cold starting and vacuum leak

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Hello all... just wait to you see the pictures of my Deville its on of a kind.. and by that, I don't mean its running on 22's. I took the class from that last 30 years piece by piece and added them to my car so very elegantly. I have owned just about every Cadillac made from 1984 up... i've dealt with the 4100's to the Lt1's. spent the better part of my teens under the hood of my beautiful looking but $hitty running caddys.. till i got married.. my wife thought a Cadillac was to big so she made me buy a Chrysler.. After my divorce a year later i took that pos to the cadilac dealer and traded it in for my 2003 Deville. At the time it had 70K miles on it ....now 2 years later its got about 105K pampered miles... this car runs like brand new I only have it dealer serviced if i can't do it myself.... And I do 80 dollar oil changes.. Sense i've owned it... I did a tuneup, fuel filter, air filter, blower motor, tires, pads and rotors, CPS1 & 2, transmission gasket and filter, I also added a tranny cooler so I could tow with it... and an airflow sensor... I did all this myself... to my dismay after I did the perfect tuneup using only the best stuff. I guess the new Caddys get air leaks when playing with stuff under the hood... the service engine soon came on a few days later and i ran a code did some reading and found out this light comes on after 50 miles. So if someone says they fix it... ya don't know until you already paid the bill and drove to another town... last time i had this air leak fixed.....was right after i did the tuneup last year. the dealer fixed the air leak.. and charged me 750 dollars.. I totally think I was ripped of. anyway its been good for about a year now and the light came on again last week. the car has a small vacuum leak and I don't have the slightest clue how to find it... it runs beautiful i actually think i get better gas mileage with the leak then without.. but i want that dummy light off.. and can't find the info in the manual... any help would be greatly appreciated... Also my last checkup was about 6 months ago at the dealer... they said it was perfect.. this is a new dealer btw in another state.... the next day it started making a very loud sounding fan noise in the front drivers side.. the sound.... sounds like its coming from the airflow but i know that can't be possible... the car only does it on cold starts and the sound goes away within a minute or two.... kinda like when a rolls is sitting in the sun... please help me so i'll have money to buy Christmas gifts this year...

thanks all.. happy holidays... :D


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Thank you for the detailed intro. I like to know about each person, as that helps communication.

Let me boil it down a bit so others can address:

1) You hear a noise that sounds like it is coming from the air flow fan. The fans in these are 'squirrel cage' blowers, so if you get a leaf in there it can make a rattle, or if the motor starts to go it can make a noise also of course.

2) You have a current diagnostic trouble code (DTC), and engine light. Which DTC?


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