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Ronnie Sherwood lifts his head from under the hood of the 1989 white and maroon Cadillac sitting in his driveway. He smiles and brushes his hands on his red and black flannel shirt and disappears inside the house. Momentarily he returns and starts to give the tour of his latest project.

Strolling around the car, he points out the Cadillac’s body work before turning his attention toward the interior. Opening the driver’s door, Ronnie reveals six TVs installed in the vehicle. He opens compartments to reveal numerous speakers and subs also installed. Crawling out of the small space, he rounds around back to the trunk where he is installing another TV, which almost covers the entire area. While spitting out sunflower seeds, he begins to explain his work.

Sherwood, a junior mechanical engineering major, is the owner, operator and main mechanic for Wholesale Car Audio. Sherwood, a 22-year-old Houston native, got his start seven years ago, learning from his dad how to install car accessories when fixing up his first car — a 1957 blue Volvo.

“I was in high school when I put my first system in my first car, but I always wanted more, always wanted it louder,” Sherwood said. “Then I thought, ‘Hey, people will pay me money for this.’”

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