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2010 Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon:

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Read the article: http://thegarageblog.com/garage/2010-cadil...ts-sport-wagon/

So where does the CTS fit in to the mix? Honesty, it probably sits somewhere square in the middle. Certainly it is the most visually interesting of the group though fans of the German marques will disagree. The interior is more stylish than what Subaru & Volvo offer and of similar feel to BMW. Audi? Forget it, nobody can touch the quality of their interior but at least you won’t cry if the kids have a spill on the Caddy’s leather. On the road, the drive is more Ultimate Driving Machine than it is Swede or Japanese. Certainly more Germanic than the Caddy’s of old. For practicality, it may not offer as much space at the Subaru or Volvo, but pretty close. None of them is going to tote a 4×8 sheet of drywall any time soon but the CTS excelled in a place I didn’t expect it to: The Three Hockey Bag Test. That’s right, 3 full hockey bags, a trainer’s bag, team water bottle carrier, 3 sticks and 5 passengers all fit in the CTS! That’s impressive!


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This car is without doubt is the best looking wagon on the planet. But the wagon market in America is dead and has been since about 1985.

Cadillac has a perfect case study to demonstrate this.

The new SRX, which hit the showrooms almost at exactly the same time as the wagon outsells it by over 20 to 1.

Cadillac needs cars that SELL right now. IMO, this wagon was a mistake. They should have used the money and effort to fix the STS instead.


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