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Transaxle oil change


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Got everything zipped up last night. Wasn't too bad but after doing the oil and anti-freeze also, it was alot of up and down and back crawling. The one larger crooked screen was sitting in the pan when I took it off. Don't know why. Had a little trouble deciding (and seeing) where the drain plug bolt was. Found it .

Got everything back together and put in 7 quarts of tranny fluid. Thought I would start a little low. It reads at exactly the center cold line . I'll check it hot but first I have to fix the air filter holder base rubber sleeve and screw. The rubber sleeve(shaped like an upside down tophat) is ripped in half

Looks like someone ran this Eldo up on a concrete parking pig or something low like that.

The front crossbrace is all scraped up and there are two cover panels missing underneath. That's one of the reasons I like to crawl around myself.

I could only find two grease fittings. The manual showed four I thought. Well ,

when I get the air filter bracket fixed I'll take the Caddy out and see what I can shake loose.


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