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I month or so ago someone mentioned about using a battery powered "Dawn pot Scrubber" brush for wheels. So I dropped the hint (hell, I sent them the link :P). Anyway along with a nice KD inch/pound torque wrench which was sorely needed and the obligitory shirt, I got one and thought I'd update you guys (& girl). It seems like just the "tool" to get into the factory wheel openings on my car. The bristles seem a bit stiff but being nylon I don't think they will scratch anything though I am already thinking of a modification. The one thing I can see that might be a problem is very low torque. You can stop the brush from revolving by just grabbing it so it might not do well on wheels with very small spaces that require it to be forced into without some modification.


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Larry, UPDATE: I got some replacement brushes at the grocery and the bristles are longer and seem to work better. (My wife got them for me to keep in the garage)

I like the little thing. New batteries help power.

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