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Spam and Wiring Diagrams


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In every case, every search, and more than fifty websites that I chased down the results were the same:

"Wiring Diagrams" are being offered for sale which turn out to be nothing more than a list of wire COLORS for installing a stereo or car alarm. NONE of these sites had actual factory diagrams. Most of them were spammers filling forums with every imaginable response that could possibly justify mentioning their products.

Where did I end up? There was ONE SITE that had wiring diagrams. Amazon.com. I ordered a factory manual for 19.99 and three dollars in shipping.

There was a saying in the US Navy, "everything you hear in the galley is bullsh*t." When it comes to these posts directing you offsite to buy something that you can find for free in a local library you should probably think twice. Likewise for all these junkyard sites I've been visiting. 99% of them will reply to a search asking "what do you need" even when they don't have the part I've just inquired about. They usually don't even have any car in the same year, if not decade, that I'm searching for.

I'm starting this thread not to list the liars and cheats on the web, but to ask people to post NONLINKED real sites that actually help. Please downvote and warn on any post that lists a spam site. Live links are pretty much spam every time. I'm not sure what the posting rules are on external sites so lets just mention them by name rather than linking. The spammers will link and get canned.

bulldog, junkyarddog, and all those are absolutely horrible. Please do not post PORTAL sites that have none of their own content.

I'm writing out of frustration with the last three months of searching. I've turned up zero sources for parts for my Caddy. I've taken to scouring local junk yards.


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I just checked and Rock Auto has a good selection of parts for the 1981 Cadillac commercial chassis, which is the basis for hearses. I found for example that they stock an alternator for your car. You have the 368 cid big block engine, FWIW.

Original factory shop manuals are sold for GM cars and some others by Helm, Inc. These are apparently printed to order for cars more than a few years old and can be quite expensive, over $100,, but they offer some on CD-ROM for about the same price. If I had my druthers, I would want one on CD-ROM so I could have single pages and get grease on them while I was working on the car. Most people try eBay for used manuals first, because lots of people find that they still have them after selling or trading a car in like-new condition.

There are others here that will tell of salvage yards that specialize in Cadillacs and have good selections for the 1981 model year.

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