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I think its going to be a personal thing as to what oil you use. Bear in mind that the engine calls for 10W30. However my 4.9 had the #1 main bearing knock and it was minimized with 10W40 especially in hot weather. If you don't have the knock in your 4.9, you can probably use the standard 10W30. I never had luck with Mobil 1 as it made the knock much much louder. Mike

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Here we go again! Why don't you use the oil that got you to 104,000 miles? Better yet, why don't you use the oil that your owners manual recommends? Are you having an oil related problem? Do you live in Canada or Texas? Do you think different oil will get you better fuel mileage? Do you want your next oil change to give you 10 more HP? What engine do you have? What is the oil level in that engine right now? How do you check it? How do you decide when the oil level is correct? How often do you change your oil? Do you have an oil life monitor on your car? What is the service cycle that your car usually sees?

I'm sorry. It's just that there have been SO many questions on this subject....and so much information, I really need to know ALL of the answers to the above questions before I can make a recommendation. And probably a few more.

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Better yet, why don't you use the oil that your owners manual recommends?

That's it right there. I think your 4.9L calls for regular 10W-30 oil. Use that oil. Don't bother with synthetic oil -- just use conventional oil (brand doesn't really matter -- Pennzoil and Havoline seem to have the best packages overall).

If you REALLY want to get particular and find out which brand is the best, go over to bobistheoilguy.com (or something like that) and look in the forums. There are tons of motor oil fanatics there (literally) who've had Used Oil Analyses done and New Oil Analyses done to determine which brand holds up the longest, has the best additive packages, etc. Based on their information, I've switched from Valvoline to Pennzoil. But the Valvoline worked fine for all these years, so I'm sure my change was meaningless to the engine.

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