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GM Must Fashion Another Cadillac Renaissance

Bruce Nunnally

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Businessweek has an interesting article up [full text] about GM's need for Cadillac success:

Cadillac's resurgence is vital to GM. Five years ago, the brand was one of the company's few success stories. After years of indifferent models and mercurial marketing, the division had put its stodgy image behind it. The brash, hulking Escalade had become the hip-hop SUV of choice, and the edgy styling of the CTS sedan attracted people who wouldn't previously have been seen dead in a Caddy. In 2004, Cadillac outsold Mercedes (DAI) in the U.S. and was closing in on Lexus and BMW. Until 2007, the brand could be counted on for upwards of $2.5 billion in annual operating profits, which covered losses from weaker brands. Then GM ran into trouble and the former regime yanked money for new products and marketing in 2005, leaving Cadillac with only the new CTS for the past couple of years.


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