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401 Eats 6 litres of antifreeze! GRR!!!

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I thought this problem was GONE. sigh..... new rad a month ago i think? pressure tested cooling system, compression test shows 160-180 on 7 cylenders, 140 on one cylender. After rad change, i topped up fluid following day and have checked it every day since, up to about a week ago when i stopped checking. Then yesterday i get stuck in creeping traffic mid-afternoon for about 30 minutes. Im cycling the a/c off and on manualy as i notice temp hitting 108-109 a couple times. Temp drops to 93 when i break away from traffic and get a cruise of 60ish for about 9 blocks. I make a stop for 30 mins and then head to 401 from Cambridge to Toronto. Traffic is nuts right from the get-go. Everyone is doing 140-160. I dont mind the speed but i know my car uses oil and im a bit nervous running the RPM's that high for such a long trip. But the car seems fine.... I miss an exit in Etobicoke so i get off and get back on, little bit mm... agitated.... so i get a clear WOT on-ramp shot to 120k. About a minute to next exit, i get off and notice the pedal feels funy, i look down and the temp is pinned...... chimes start and limp-home mode, i pull into a gas station:

I purchase 2 jugs of antifreeze.... it took all but abouta litre, which i added at a later stop.

Scrap yard?

Naw... i just hoped it would last till winter storage.... i can come up with an engine this winter but this is my daily and i cant just keep buynig anti-freeze....

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