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  1. Chevron Techron is about half the price of the GM Fuel System Cleaner, but it comes in the exact same shape, color and sized bottle, with the exact same instructions and the exact same benefits listed. In other words, it certainly seems to be the exact same product for a lot less money --> My link Advance Auto Parts carries Chevron Techron for only $11.99. My local GM dealer had their version of this product for almost $30! -- My link Thanks! I'll give the Fuel system cleaner a try before doing anything else.
  2. Sir, there is no, "arrogant attitude", or, "bad feeling", with a --> , which I clearly made, twice. Okay. If I may suggest, you may be getting a bit over-sensitive. This is a text forum and text many times doesn't convey, "feelings", very well and can be easily misinterpreted, (as you have done with me).
  3. I have one and a friend of mine has one too. Two needles in a haystack.
  4. Again no, "negative twist", at all, just stating facts and understandable disappointment. Let's please not get into a pissing match over this.
  5. I made no, "negative twist", at all. I posted the information to help other forum members. GM, (as you correctly noted), clearly stated to me this is an OPEN campaign and does NOT expire.
  6. As a safety concern, installing winter tires only on the front wheels of a front wheel drive vehicle can be dangerous. If this is done, the front tires get much better traction in slippery conditions than the rear tires do and the result is when going down a slippery hill, or around a slippery turn, or when braking, the front tires grip much better than the rear tires and the rear of the vehicle can break loose causing the vehicle to spin out and crash. At the auto centers I've managed, we are not allowed to install winter tires only on the front of a front wheel drive vehicle due to the legal liability issues it would expose us to. Primarily, we don't want to see anyone get hurt, (or worse), of course too. For this reason, when using winter tires on a front wheel drive vehicle it is always recommended to be safe and install four matching winter tires. I hope this has been of help. -- B.F.Goodrich T/A Certified Tire Specialist.
  7. How well a car does in the snow or not is dependent on the tires used. A good set of tires will do well, a set of lower grade tires will do poorly. All season tires tend to be a jack of all trades and a master of none. A set of four dedicated winter tires will do a far better job for you than all season tires will. Good winter tires will have an ice compound in the rubber that prevents the tread from freezing when it gets very cold, for optimum traction. All season tires don't have this ice compound design and when it gets very cold, the rubber freezes and traction goes out the window. If a good set of winter tires saves you from just one accident, they've paid for themselves many times over. -- B.F.Goodrich T/A Certified Tire Specialist.
  8. There is no, "T", in, "Dexron". Look at the bottle. Dear Made...eat my shorts :>) Is that listed on the bottle too?
  9. There is no, "T", in, "Dexron". Look at the bottle.
  10. With the company I run, we have oil analysis turn around time in about a week or even just a few days, with the capability to view the oil analysis test results online, which is much faster than snail mail of course. A month is simply not acceptable. I think you are right that it sounds like CYA nonsense.
  11. Thx Ranger...that aligns to everything I've determined as well. All I can do at this point is just drop the tank and replace the level sensor. That's really all it can be I believe and I'm not willing to just live with the problem since my wife is the planned driver for the Eldorado. HMS It could be sulfur corrosion on the fuel level sensor. I would buy a can of GM Fuel System Cleaner and add it to nearly an empty tank while you're at the gas station and then fill the tank. Drive the car until the tank is nearly empty. That should get the level sensor clean and restore proper operation. If you compare a bottle of the GM Fuel System Cleaner with a bottle of Chevron Techron Fuel Additive, you can see that both bottles are exactly the same shape, color and have the exact same instructions for use. It seems highly likely the GM Fuel System Cleaner is a re-badged bottle of Chevron Techron Fuel Additive, but has a much, much lower price than the GM Fuel System Cleaner. I hope this helps save some money.
  12. I just got my Blackstone oil test kit in the mail today! I ordered it online for free. When I send in the sample that is when they charge you the 25 to test oil. I will be doing this probably next week one I get a few more miles on car to get to the 500 miles and then have oil changed and keep docs so I dont void warranty on motor. I will post the results of oil test when I get them back. They said it might take a month or so to get results back. Taking a month for oil analysis test results is not acceptable at all. It should take less than a week, if not a few days.
  13. For longer transmission life, be sure to change all the fluid and not just what is in the transmission pan.
  14. AMSOIL synthetic motor oils sell as low as only $4.20 per quart, so price isn't a concern. Factory fill oils have to meet performance criteria set by the API, i.e. API SM, or SN oils, not the brand of the oil.
  15. Engines are not designed to use certain types of oil or not. Engines are designed for oils meeting set performance criteria. In this regard, oil is oil, but synthetic oils do everything a petroleum oil does, they just do it better.
  16. Seems like the only REAL reason to use the synthetics. My STS runs on semi-synthetic 5W-30 but that is because I can't get my hands on a dino-oil with that viscosity (I drive quite hard). If I lived in the US then I would be happy to use synthetic oils but over here the price is twice as much for synthetic versus dino-oils. Buyer beware; "semi-synthetic" oils can have as little as 1% synthetic oil in them and still be called a, "semi-synthetic". A good synthetic oil is many times much cheaper to use/lower cost than an old school dead dinosaur/petroleum oil. Price is one thing, but cost is another.
  17. If I may, true synthetic oils offer many advantages to old school dead dinosaur/petroleum oils. 1. Improved fuel economy/lower emissions. 2. An internally cleaner engine. 3. Easier cold/winter engine starts. 4. Longer engine life. 5. Reduced maintenance costs. 6. Cooler engine temperatures. 7. Superior high temperature engine protection and many other advantages as well. For more information on this commonly misunderstood topic, read the excellent article below - "SYNTHETIC OIL: Rx for Long Engine Life" -- My link
  18. The engine oil recommended for your Cadillac engine is Mobil 1 OR the equivalent synthetic oil, of which there are many. Mobil 1 isn't the only oil that can be used in that engine. Cadillac uses Mobil 1 as the factory fill oil because Exxon/Mobil has the factory fill contract with General Motors, so when Cadillac wants a synthetic oil of course they use the synthetic oil they are already contracted to use. PAO Group IV synthetic oils have no contaminants in them whatsoever, but the Group III, "synthetic oils", (which are derived from petroleum crude oil), still have some contaminants in them, as crude oils have all manner of contaminants present in them such as napthenes, benzyenes, asphalts, waxes, sulfurs, etc., etc. So even with an unopened bottle of petroleum crude oil based oil there are already contaminants in this oil being poured into your engine mixing with blowby contaminants and creating other corrosive acids inside that expensive engine.
  19. When GM wants to use a synthetic oil they use Mobil 1 because Exxon-Mobil has the factory fill contract for GM.
  20. Yeah, I won't use a Fram either, I was just saying that the ACDelco filters at Walmart are cheaper than Fram Wal-Mart sold products sometimes are made cheaper to fit into their corporate price demands. I wonder if AC Delco filters sold at Wal Mart are the same as the AC Delco oil filters sold at GM dealerships?
  21. Go to YouTube.com and do a Keyword search using Keywords - Are Fram oil filters the best?
  22. Yeah, 35,000 mile oil changes is a form of destructive testing, not recommended for everybody's daily driver. If it still runs, you declare vicotry, and tear it down to look and see what you've got. No sir, that drain interval is warranted and I've been using such drain intervals for over 25 years. Thank you.
  23. I beg your pardon sir? YOU brought up the topic stating that there is no way AMSOIL could be safely used in extended drain intervals. I responded to what YOU stated! You have quite the NERVE!
  24. AMSOIL coined the term, "extended drain interval" and pioneered the industry in 1972 with the worlds first 100% synthetic API rated motor oil and gave it a 25,000 mile/1 year recommended/warranted drain interval. I have been using AMSOIL for over 25 years with drain intervals up to 35,000 miles with absolutely stellar results. With over 35 years of experience with extended drain synthetic oils, when AMSOIL says their synthetic oil will last XX miles, you can take that to the bank. If it didn't and engine damage occurred as a result, the written AMSOIL product warranty that covers every AMSOIL product, would kick in and warranty the engine. So when AMSOIL says you can use safe extended drain intervals with their synthetic motor oils, that is indeed backed up with an iron clad warranty. With my 1969 Yenko Camaro and it's L-72 427/450 horse engine, I didn't have to change the AMSOIL synthetic motor oil in that engine in over 7 years, as the oil analysis tests proved. One of my customers has a Mack over the road, heavy duty 18-wheeler and didn't have to change the AMSOIL in that engine for over 400,000 miles, as annual oil analysis validated. When the engine was eventually torn down for inspection, the original hone marks on the cylinder walls could be easily seen, there was virtually no sludge build up at all and an independent engine rater said the engine was in fantastic condition and could have gone many, many more miles. After 35 years + of safe extended drain intervals using AMSOIL synthetic motor oils, it's old hat. All the Best, Steve 25 year independent AMSOIL synthetic lubricants dealer
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