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Review: FW1 Racing Formula High Performance Cleaning Wax

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Product: Rgslabs Inc FW1 Racing Formula High Performance cleaning wax

Package: Three 17.5 ounce aerosol cans with three micro-fiber towels

Claim: Waterless wash & wax: paint, chrome, rims, glass, plastic, & more!

Removes Tar, Grime, Bugs, Tree Sap, Grease, & more!

Contents: "cleaning agents, lubricants, and carnuba wax"

Mfr Website: rgslabs.com

I recently picked up a three pack of FW1 Cleaning Wax at Sam's club. They had a big aisle display with 2 sales guys and a video. Normally I would pass right on by, but I thought hey, this is an item I can try, then write up a review for Caddyinfo. So, here we are.

What is it? This is an aerosol cleaning wax. A cleaning wax is sometimes a mixture of polish and wax, or in other words something slightly more abrasive than normal wax. In this case the product label says it is a combination of cleaning agents, lubricants, and wax.

Instructions: Shake can vigorously. Park in a shaded area. Rinse off EXCESS dirt/mud. Turn on your favorite radio station to set the mood. Spray on a light coat of RGS Labs Inc FW1 on a small section (3 or 4 sq ft). Using a terry cloth towel GENTLY rub RGS Labs Inc. FW1 in a circular motion (work smart not hard). Allow 10-20 sec for FW1 to dry to a haze. Using a second soft towel (pros use micro fiber towels) and buff to a show room shine!

How did it work: The Product worked as advertised. I was able to use it to simultaneously wash and wax my Cadillac CTS with no water. Took me about 45 minutes to complete.


a) Using this product was not markedly different from washing my car then waxing my car in terms of total effort. Some time was saved, but overall it was a similar effort to hand waxing the Cadillac. The product is sprayed on, applied in a circular motion, allowed to dry, then buffed off.

B) No water was used, so good. I think providing the product in an aerosol can works against the 'green' benefit of not using water.

c) I was able to use only the 3 micro-fiber towels that came in the kit to wash and buff my car. Usually when I wash then wax my car I end up using like 8 or 9 micro fiber towels to wash and dry and buff.

d) one wash used perhaps 1/2 of one can, feeling by weight (not exact). The sales guy said the cans were good for 5 washes per can.

e) Cost: I paid $25 for 3 cans and 3 towels. So if I get 2 washes per can, the cost is around $4 per wash. This is less than the local drive-through automatic car wash, but similar.


a) The product worked as advertised.

B) I would recommend this product for people who need to be able to wash/wax their Cadillac with no water: apartment dwellers, last minute cleaning when you can't go to a car wash or want to do it yourself but you have local restrictions on water use. Can't just use it in the garage unless your garage is very well ventilated due to fume hazard.


2023 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing

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