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Anyone have an opinion on this

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How do you think the 84 starwire cragars would look on a 98 sts? i wanna get some opionions on how they would look or what you think about it before, If i can find some, drop the 5-10k ive heard they run for now on buying them.

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Wheels are such an individual taste thing that another's opinion probably isn't very useful to you. If you can get a sample, you might stand it up next to your car's wheel and step back and look at it to decide yourself if you like the look enough to spring for the price.

Make sure that these wheels meet all the specs for your car before you buy them: offset, bolt pattern, rim width, etc. and be sure that nothing hits the fender wells when they are installed. Only a really good tire shop or someone who has installed these same wheels on another car just like yours can answer these questions with assurance.

If the wheel diameter is different from the diameter of the stock wheels, which are 16" I believe, be sure that the tires you pick have the same rolling diameter (26.6" for your car, I believe) or you will have driveability problems:

  • The wrong diameter will cause speedometer errors that cannot be corrected without throwing OBD error codes that will prevent your car from passing emissions inspection.
  • The steering axis (i.e. the strut axis) passes through the center of the tire patch. If you change the offset or change the rolling diameter without properly adjusting the offset and the axis does not pass through the center of the tire patch, you will have torque steer on acceleration and braking.
Wheel strength shouldn't be an issue but, you have a 4,000 pound high-performance car; make sure that your new wheels can take the cornering, braking, and acceleration forces that the car is capable of. Even if the car is driven only by your grandmother, there is the occasional valet...

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