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Suspension parts from 94 STS fit my 93 STS???


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I need to replace the passenger side rear upper control arm with ride position sensor. I was originally informed that the 1993 STS control arm is specific for this year and therefore thought that I could only use the arm from another 93.

I have a guy who tells me he has a 93 Eldorado or a 94 STS to pull the part from...anyone know if either of these cars are a good match for what I need??

Thanks in advance,



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I think the '93 and '94 are the same.

That said, the 1992 STS the rear end set up was completely different. Why?...don't know.

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Been dragging my heels on this one but here is an update:

I found out the rear upper control arm (part # 22156336) when pulled up by parts at the dealer has a note indicating 93 STS only. However when he checks the listing on the 94 STS it is the same identical part number inclusive to 96.

Why on earth is there a note stating 93 only on this part number???? Is this an entry input into the parts system the first year (1993) of it's production to identify that you cannot use it for previous years? Then it doesn't get updated/removed for the years going forward if the same part is used??

Still need to find a darn replacement part and winter is fast approaching........ :o

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