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Hello All,

Can someone tell me what the name and/or part# is for the intake manifold gasket. Not the two reusable intake/head but the round air intake side opposite throttle body . It is for the 1997 Cadillac Seville SLS V8-4.6L VIN Y


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The 1997 FSM page 6-817 shows the intake manifold and throttle body components. Beginning with the intake manifold and moving out of the throttle body, we have an O-ring, the throttle body spacer, the throttle body gasket, then the throttle body. The MAF sensor bolts to the throttle body, and this is what the large intake air hose (the FSM calls it the "air snorkel") clamps to. There may be another gasket or O-ring between the throttle body and the MAF sensor but the FSM doesn't show one.

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